Food delivery giant, Swiggy think drones: aspires to take drone-led deliveries to the next level

The Bengaluru-headquartered food ordering and delivery company, Swiggy in the middle of transitioning to be a digital convenience platform, is taking its drone-led delivery ambition to the next level.

With an aim to execute successful drone deliveries for groceries and essentials in several major cities for six months, the company has invited proposals from bidders for drones as a service.

Last year, we saw the company run test flights with airspace company ANRA Technologies in a controlled environment, contrary to which Swiggy through this current exercise will run test flights in real-life scenarios.

The food tech company will be piloting the services strictly in the business-to-business (B2B) model.

A drone, for instance, can be used to fly goods from one Instamart (Swiggys’ quick commerce initiative) dark store to another if either one runs out of stock for certain items.

“While B2C drone delivery in a landscape like India will pose challenges such as regulations and congested terrace spacing in the last mile, companies can implement inter-nodal delivery from their regional hubs to forward centers, where lead times and shelf life are crucial,”

Arjun Aggarwal, MD & CEO at Aerodyne India.

“Complementary technologies such as drone parachute recovery systems and advanced collision avoidance tools are features we are focussing on to offer a safe and comprehensive solution,” he adds.

The drones can also be used to cut on the commute time for Swiggy, as food from faraway restaurants can be flown to an open location which then can be delivered to the doorstep with the help of their delivery executive.

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