Export of mangoes and by-products to see a surge after 2 years : Apeda

After a gap of two years, the export of mangoes and by-products is predicted to see a spurt after India and the US agreed to simplify the rules, Apeda, the company answerable for the export of food products stated.

While mango season is 4 months away, export of pomegranates is expected to begin quickly and shipments from India can move through the year as there are three crops in the nation, Apeda chairman M Angamuthu informed TOI.

On Saturday, the government informed of its deal with the US to permit the import of American cherries, Alfalfa hay in return for Indian mangoes and pomegranate exports.

As per the new signed guidelines, US and India can follow a joint protocol on irradiation, which can be licensed by US inspectors at their port, or they can also settle for Indian certification and pay a visit to some of the facilities.

Angamuthu stated that the Apeda expects a major soar in mango exports. Exports of mango (together with by-products) to the US have been estimated at near Rs 100 crore two years ago. He said, that along with Alphonso, Kesar, and a few of the varieties from the South, Apeda will seek to push langda, Dussehri, Jardalu, and Himsagar.

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