Essential Goods Stranded: Manipur Bridge Blast Leaves 150 Trucks Stuck

Following a powerful IED blast on a crucial bridge along NH 2 in Manipur, the state finds itself grappling with a critical issue: over 150 trucks, laden with essential commodities destined for Imphal, are now stranded in Senapati district. 

The blast, suspected to be the work of unidentified individuals, occurred in the early hours between Koubru Leikha and Saparmeina in Kangpokpi district. 

While thankfully no casualties were reported, the explosion inflicted severe damage, creating three craters in the bridge and disrupting the flow of goods vital for the state’s functioning. 

To mitigate further disruptions, the Manipur government swiftly suspended heavy vehicle movement in the area, allowing only light vehicles to pass under strict regulation. 

Until an alternate route is secured, traffic will be managed by local authorities. The stranded trucks underscore the immediate impact of such incidents on the region’s supply chain and emphasize the urgent need for resolution and stability amidst ongoing ethnic tensions.

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