Environtainer’s newest innovation Releye® RAP gets nod from Qatar Airways Cargo

Envirotainer’s latest innovation – The Releye® RAP container launched on 9 February 2022, gets approvals from Qatar Airways Cargo.

The latest innovation accommodates 5 pallets and is the largest and most technically advanced product in Envirotainer’s new generation container series.

The unique features of Envirotainer can now be availed to Qatar Airways Cargo customers wherever and whenever required, complementing the airline’s existing range of pharmaceutical transport solutions.
Being one of the first adopters of the first Releyee RLP launched last summer, Qatar Airways Cargo has offered its customers Envirotainer’s RAP and RKN active pharma containers since 2014.

The innovation, Envirotainer’s Releye® is based on five pillars: Control, Monitoring, Autonomy, Value, and Sustainability.

Similar to the smaller 3-pallet Releye® RLP, the Releye® RAP’s unique airflow technology controls and maintains maximum temperature stability in the cargo bay.

The Envirotainer’s Releye® is monitored by the Envirotainer Control Tower which is a unique, dedicated service team that monitors each Releye® shipment 24/7 and is immediately on hand in the case of any deviation. Extended battery life ensures greater container autonomy, whilst value is generated by the optimum use of cargo space within the container.

With the largest internal volume on the market, the Releye® RAP has low weight and efficient performance resulting in both, the best value operating costs, as well as the lowest CO2 footprint in the air cargo industry: up to 90% reduction in CO2 emissions can be achieved.

“Qatar Airways Cargo and Envirotainer share a strong focus on innovation, supreme quality, and sustainability. The Envirotainer Releye® RAP is part of the Releye® series and the RAP solution for the future. It not only allows Qatar Airways Cargo to offer its customers the newest, fully connected, active transport solution to protect the integrity and quality of their sensitive pharmaceutical products but also enables complete visibility along the transport chain. We have now incorporated a Control Tower service as standard, which uses state-of-the-art Live Monitoring technology to supervise all Releye® shipments around the clock.”

Fredrik Linnér, Chief Business Development Officer at Envirotainer

“At Qatar Airways Cargo, we always aim to be at the forefront of technological developments in the industry, so that our pharmaceutical and healthcare customers can benefit from superior transport solutions. Envirotainer’s Releye® containers are unrivaled in their consistent temperature control performance and particularly their battery duration. The Releye® RAP’s capability of covering transit times and delays without the need of recharging, together with the possibility to track and monitor the product condition, location, temperature, humidity, battery levels, door openings, and location of the shipment, offer superior stability that sharply contrasts the uncertainty that the pandemic continues to bring. With its exceptionally low CO2 footprint, the Releye® RAP is fully in line with our sustainability strategy.”

Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways underlined.

Qatar Airways Cargo is IATA CEIV Pharma certified and has invested heavily in handling quality and training across all of its 85+ pharma stations around the world, as well as in infrastructure, reefer trucks, and premium facilities such as its airside Climate Control Centre at the Doha hub. The airline is committed to the continuous enhancement of its QR Pharma service for the benefit of its customers.

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