Ekart launches B2B air and surface express services to empower businesses

Ekart, has launched its B2B trucking and transportation services, to be carried out through a fleet of more than 7,000 trucks across the country.  The launch of its B2B Express services across air and surface modes will cater to brands, manufacturers, and retailers across industries.

This new service will offer businesses access to Ekart’s extensive network of first-mile, mid-mile and last-mile transportation fleet, powered by state-of-the art technology. The air express option offers an efficient solution to transport critical shipments swiftly across the country while ensuring that time-sensitive packages reach their destinations promptly. By leveraging a reliable network, the Air Express option provides a secure and dependable transportation solution for businesses. By leveraging Ekart’s widespread reach and capabilities, organizations will now be able to enhance the ease of doing business by streamlining processes and unlocking value throughout the supply chain.

This newly launched service will provide businesses with multiple goods movement alternatives through 21 prominent airports covering all major cities across India, and a network of trucks for Full Truckload (FTL) and Part Truckload (PTL) services. Ekart, through its investment in advanced technologies and logistics systems, will offer surface transportation solutions from 80 hubs across the country, connecting major logistics corridors. The service will be supported by a vast fleet of over 7,000 trucks covering an average of 800 kilometers per truck per day nationwide. Ekart’s new transportation solutions will guarantee increased reliability, speed, security, and scalability, catering to all transportation needs of businesses. Ekart has proved to be a trusted partner for leading entities with its extensive network, tech-enabled solutions and logistics expertise, which continues to enhance and strengthen last mile delivery services nationwide.

Ekart’s enhanced capabilities and offerings as part of the new solutions comprise:

  • Vast fleet of GPS enabled trucks
  • Closed body trucks with Digilock
  • On demand and reliable placement
  • Service assurance during peak and non-peak seasons
  • Assured delivery schedule
  • National compliant network
  • Optimized network for point to point movement
  • Last mile services

“Ekart, a pioneering force in India’s supply chain and logistics industry, recognizes the challenges faced by B2B businesses today. The launch of our transformative B2B transportation solutions underscores our commitment to provide avenues that address issues such as numerous intermediaries, delivery delays, consignment damage, and shipment visibility by leveraging Ekart’s supply chain expertise, extensive logistics network, and cutting-edge technology. Our Air Express option will ensure swift and reliable movement of critical shipments nationwide. With our deep understanding of the value chain, we not only simplify B2B transportation for businesses but also empower them to focus on their core strengths, contributing to the larger economy. Through our diverse offerings, continued investments in cutting-edge technology and national compliant logistics network, Ekart has been able to establish trust, drive business growth, and transform the industry.”

Mani Bhushan, Chief Business Officer, Ekart

Ekart offers brands, platforms, and businesses end-to-end supply chain and inventory management, including distribution, and aggregation of products. Today, the company has a vast network of fulfillment and sortation centers, and thousands of delivery hubs. It delivers over 120 million packages every month across all serviceable pin codes.

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