DTDC Express commits INR 100 Crore for Infrastructure and Tech upgrades

DTDC Express is set to invest a minimum of INR 100 crore in infrastructure and technology development during this fiscal year, as stated by the company’s Chairman and Managing Director, Subhasish Chakraborty. This decision is driven by a more positive business outlook. Additionally, Chakraborty anticipates a 30 percent increase in total shipments handled during the upcoming festive season (October-November) compared to the preceding month of September.

As an integrated express logistics operator with a presence in both domestic and international markets, DTDC Express provides a wide array of services, including premium express, express parcel, e-commerce B2C services, and warehousing.

Chakraborty explained, “Our investment is primarily focused on enhancing infrastructure and upgrading technology, as well as expanding our technology team. This year, we expect this investment to amount to no less than Rs 100 crore.” He also highlighted that the logistics sector is experiencing robust growth, surpassing the growth rate of the domestic economy. He expressed confidence in the sector’s promising future due to increased integration and rising customer demands driven by e-commerce.

Chakraborty while mentioning the company’s performance in the last fiscal year said that the company has a 23% overall growth, with strong performance in both domestic and international business. Notably, the international business segment has experienced faster growth in the past two years.

Further he elaborated that in the first two quarters of the current fiscal year, the company has achieved a 16 percent growth compared to the same period in FY23. This indicates an upward trajectory in the growth rate.

In the international business segment, the company’s cross-border e-commerce, initiated just last year, has shown impressive month-on-month growth of 100 percent, albeit from a relatively low base.

DTDC Express currently operates a fleet of 4,000 trucks and aims to expand it by an additional 500 vehicles within this fiscal year, according to Chakraborty. The company’s vast operations handle over 12 million shipments each month across more than 580 operating facilities, managing a total of 2.21 million square feet of space, as detailed on the company’s website.

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