Delhi extends ban on entry of trucks until 7 December

restriction on entry of diesel and petrol vehicles to extend

Citing the stagnant poor condition of air quality in the capital, the Government announced that restrictions on entry of commercial vehicle shall be extended to 7th December, with an exception to CNG and electric vehicles & those carrying essentials. There will also be an extension of the ‘Red Light  On, Gaadi Off’ campaign towards its 3rd phase from Dec 4 to Dec 18.

Delhi Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, also said that the government employees were being ferried to their offices on buses to reduce vehicular pollution.

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Logistics Insider reported, just last week, how the restrictions are going to create speedbumps for the logistics network in the capital, especially in the case of small and medium sizes businesses. The restrictions have been partially criticized as a temporary solution to a recurring and rather permanent issue which needs permanent solutions. They help in reducing pollution from vehicles running on petrol diesel, however, on the other hand, the restrictions also shoot up the logistics costs and induce delays at various points in the supply chain.

Dipankar Saha, a former CPCB air laboratory head, said the ban on sources that are non-essential is an active way of controlling peaks in pollution. He added construction activities contribute to winter pollution. “After the monsoon, a lot of construction projects start work and this can add to the toxicity. This is not an essential activity and therefore can be stopped to reduce local emissions.” He said this was not a long-term solution and governments across National Capital Region need to work together.

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