CSC Chairman Tushar Jani joins as Advisory Board Member at Pharma.Aero

Belgium based independent association Pharma.Aero recently endowed an Advisory Board comprising of four industry experts among its full members, each representing different segments of the air cargo supply chain. Cargo Service Center (CSC) India Chairman Mr Tushar Jani will be joining the said Advisory Board along with other members Ms Yulia Caletaria (AirBridge Cargo Airlines), Ms Simona Ravera (BDP International) and Mr Milton De La Paz (Dallas Fort Worth International Airport).

The four members represent airlines, airports, freight forwarders and ground handlers as a unified front for the Advisory Board and will work alongside the Board of Directors to work on new initiatives and discuss project priorities.

The aim of forming the Advisory Board is to maintain a balanced voice from our members, who represent all segments across the pharma air cargo supply chain.  The Advisory Board will help the organisation keep a 360° view on industry trends and supply chain innovation related to pharma and life sciences”

Nathan De Valck, Chairman, Pharma.Aero

Mr Jani emphasized on the importance of resilient supply chains in circulating pharma, and in general, medical essentials across the globe in a post-pandemic era.

Looking ahead, with fast-evolving pharma research and developments, pharma supply chains will need to demonstrate higher agility and innovation to meet these changing demands. In this regard, Pharma.Aero is the right conversant platform for all stakeholders to come together and achieve the new milestones.”

~ Tushar Jani, Chairman, CSC India

Yulia Celetaria, Global Healthcare Director at AirBridge Cargo Airlines said that Pharma.Aero has moved in the right direction by bringing together all the healthcare stakeholders. She touted the Board to be a prime spot to connect, share insights and take action for taking pharma logistics up a notch.

Milton De La Paz, VP Airline Relations and Cargo Business Development at Dallas Fort Worth Airport said that air cargo plays a critical role in the pharma supply chain and that continuous effort was being made to apply best practices from throughout the industry.

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