Committed to providing a level playing field for Indian MSMEs: InXpress CEO

In Conversation With Marcel Lal, CEO, Asia Pacific, InXpress

InXpress, a global shipping franchise organization, delivering carrier solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, is emerging as a force to reckon with. Ever since its inception in 2013, it has concentrated its efforts to bridge the gap in the Indian market to facilitate a level playing field to the MSMEs and supported startups to build their own profitable freight consultancy businesses aided by their security, knowledge, and expertise. Marcel Lal, CEO, Asia Pacific, InXpress, in this exclusive interaction with Logistics Insider, highlights the efforts made by the organization to bridge this gap. He also delves upon the resilience shown by the company during the unprecedented times, the use of tech in enhancing operations, and much more. Edited excerpts:

The pandemic has been a difficult time for businesses across verticals, especially for the service industry. How did InXpress navigate its way through these trying times and instil a sense of satisfaction, comfort, and peace of mind in its customers?

InXpress made a strategic decision to work through the pandemic with a business continuity mindset and retained all India head office (and wider Asia Pacific) staffing resources to ensure that our franchisees were supported. We also invested ahead of the curve in additional staff, process reviews, and system enhancements to ensure that both franchisees and business customers had a reliable platform to work off for their freight booking and service requirements.

Our impressive year-on-year growth from 2019 to 2020 and then 2020 to 2021 demonstrated the resiliency of the InXpress franchise system and personalized support to customers.

InXpress has made concentrated efforts to bridge the gap in the market that allows MSMEs to have a level playing field. Kindly take us through your plans to eliminate this gap even further. Also, how successful have you been in doing so in a complex market like India?

InXpress continues to offer exceptional value for money to small to medium business customers not only through competitive pricing but importantly via the local franchisee support, user-friendly software, and other services to create an ease of doing business. The time, money, and hassle that our customers save allow them to focus on their own business and not worry about their freight requirements.

It is almost impossible to talk about logistics and supply chain and not touch upon technology. Kindly share with us how are you leveraging technology in your organization to simplify the operation and enhance your offerings?

The investment made in the InXpress proprietary software platform has been the largest in the past year than any time in our company’s 22-year history. With a large, dedicated development team working with the global technology department through to global, regional, and country teams, InXpress is implementing ongoing enhancements and functionality that benefit business customers and franchisees, including more carrier services and greater reporting. This benefit is shared across all 14 countries in the InXpress global network, including India where we see ongoing opportunities for growth and additional services.

This is an abridged version of the interview which was originally published in the January issue of the Logistics Insider Magazine. To read the complete interview, click here.

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