Centre authorises online payment of National Permit fee for goods vehicles to provide respite to transporters

Smart Enforcement

In the latest SOP released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the Centre has issued directions that pave the way for online payments of National Permit Authorisation for goods vehicles, offering much-needed respite to transporters.

This step has been taken to facilitate the online payment of National Permit fee to make the entire process faceless.

Visits to the STA/RTO office will no longer be required with the rolling out of the online payment mode, it maintained.

“NIC(HQ) shall provide all the support in rolling out this facility at the earliest”, the advisory said while directing the National Informatics Centre to facilitate and support the launch of the facility.

This move has been welcomed by transporters who believe that it will lead to quicker and easier processing of Permits.

The All India Transporters Welfare Association(AITWA) has embraced this development in a tweet and has underlined how the advisory will “benefit over 12 lac National Permit vehicles in getting their annual permit in a faster and easier manner”.

All that is left is for states to implement it, AITWA shares.

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