Cargo Overflow Shuts Down Chennai Export Terminal, Disrupting Operations

The Chennai Export Cargo Terminal gate was temporarily closed on Friday due to cargo overflow, causing significant inconvenience for agents.

Dinesh Krishnan, Regional Chairman of the southern region for the Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI), described the situation as a persistent problem that requires intervention. “There are two cargo terminal operators whose inefficiency has led to this recurring issue at the export cargo terminal. Normally, trucks deliver the cargo, we complete customs, and the cargo is loaded onto the flight within 3-4 hours. However, due to this issue, some agents couldn’t load the cargo on time, resulting in missed flights. Urgent exports had to be rerouted to other airports, such as Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru,” he explained.

An Airports Authority of India (AAI) official attributed the problem to overbooking. “The main issue is overbooking of cargo. If overbooking occurs, timely clearance of cargo becomes impossible. Export cargo booking and clearing need to be regulated and done periodically,” the official stated.

An official from AAI Cargo Logistics and Allied Services Company Ltd. (AAICLAS) clarified that the gate was closed briefly to manage truck traffic and resolve the congestion. “There was a pile-up of cargo, causing temporary congestion in the warehouse, so we had to close the gate to manage truck movement. The issue was resolved within a short span of time,” he said.

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