Cargo handling facility at Chandigarh Intl. Airport to go live in about a month

Back in July 2022, we reported that Chandigarh International Airport’s cargo handling dreams were still waiting to come true as it awaited approvals from the Customs. In another recent update, sources say that preparations are in order to fully operationalise the cargo facility at the Chandigarh International Airport in a month’s time.

Chandigarh International Airport Limited (CHIAL) has acquired all the necessary approvals and the Airport Authority of India Cargo Logistics and Allied Services Company Limited (AAICLAS), a specialised cargo operation agency, is already closing in on the agreement. AAICLAS was roped in by CHIAL in a Board Meeting on 20th August.

The 3-acre facility inside the airport will be handed over to the AAICLAS for operations and it will be up and about in a month’s time. The fully-operationalised cargo facility will add a new dimension to the airport. The decision was finalised in the Board meeting on August 20. We will provide the covered structure and they will install the set-up and operationalise it.”

Rakesh Ranjan Sahay, CEO, CHIAL

The dedicated cargo complex, once operational, would provide better access to cargo in domestic and international markets with the increased capacity from 20 tonnes to 80 tonnes. Apart from the exporters and industrialists in Punjab, those engaged in the movement/export of perishables like vegetables, fruits and pharmaceuticals in Himachal Pradesh will also gain big from this development. At present, the goods are first transferred to the Delhi International Airport by road, where they are lined up for 24 to 48 hours before being loaded on an aircraft.

As of now, while the Chandigarh International Airport has a common screening facility for domestic cargo, the operating airlines are handling goods on their own. The new agency will streamline the operations and provide quicker services. At the CHIAL Board meeting, the airport authorities also decided to seek presentation from the UT regarding its plan for a shorter route to the airport.

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