Capitalize on digital transformation to make supply chain smarter and resilient: FedEx

 FedEx on Wednesday emphasized the need to capitalize on digital transformation to make the global supply chain smarter and more resilient. 

“Let us rethink our all-digital capabilities and capitalize on this immense opportunity to leverage data. The supply chain is the backbone of the global economy as you have seen in the pandemic, the disruption in the supply chain has far-reaching and societal consequences,”

Raj Subramaniam, President and Chief Operating Officer, FedEx

 While addressing the Nasscom leadership summit online, Subramaniam highlighted the growing fragility of the global economy caused by the wake of the ongoing disruptions due to COVID, natural disasters, and the challenge facing global trade.

“We believe that there is a need to make the supply chain smarter and more resilient through digital transformation unlocking unseen potential,” Subramaniam said.

FedEx offers a broad portfolio of transportation, e-commerce, and business services.

Subramaniam while stating that the supply chain and the logistics sector is turning to digital technology to adapt to new realities, said, India, for FedEx has been a strategic priority for a very long time.

 The Indian government has made clear its ambitious goals to be a manufacturing center not just for the domestic market but for the global market as well, Subramaniam said and emphasized that manufacturing and logistics go hand-in-hand.

“There is an incredible opportunity to make the supply chain more efficient and reduce the overall cost of logistics as a percentage of GDP,” he said.

 He believes that the shortage of semiconductors has made major economies like India and the US invest in their chip manufacturing capabilities, knowing that the future of these economies will be fuelled by advanced computing power and the availability of semiconductors.

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