Black Friday Sale: Delivery delays expected as Amazon workforce protest against alleged unfair practices

Delivery of their online orders has always made customers jump with joy, but maybe not this year. As the countdown to one of Amazon’s biggest shopping events – the Black Friday Sale – comes to an end, their workforce at warehouses, packaging centres, shipping & distribution centres and other parts of the e-commerce mammoth’s supply chain network are gearing up for strikes and protests. The protests, though started just after the pandemic struck, continue this year as well in light of the regressive employment practices of the company. The focus of the protests includes inappropriate pay, job security, workers’ rights and dismal working conditions among others.

“The pandemic has exposed how Amazon places profits ahead of workers, society, and our planet,” the coalition said in its demands document. “Amazon takes too much and gives back too little. It is time to Make Amazon Pay.”

The strikes are being organized by the Make Amazon Pay, which started in 2020 and is a consortium of various unions, social movements, civil society movements and even research institutes, at a global platform. The majority of their demands have been made repeatedly over the last few years, and several times ended up in regulatory investigations and court cases. The coalition also demands the online retail giant to up its corporate social responsibility game.

These groups represent a variety of interests, and while we are not perfect in any area. If you objectively look at what Amazon is doing in each one of these areas, you’ll see that we do take our role and our impact very seriously.”

~ Kelly Nantel, Amazon spokesperson

The Black Friday protests will be held in 20 countries including Italy, Germany and the United States.

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