Biden says ‘Americans didn’t understand what a supply chain was 10 years ago’, gets counter roasted

According to reports, POTUS Joe Biden claimed that 10 years ago the Americans did not understand what a supply chain was, thereby triggering a series of counter comments roasting him. Biden’s remarks did not go down well with his critics, who said that it was an attempted ‘insult to Americans’.

During a recent rally in Michigan, Biden suggested that the crowd, and Americans in general, had no idea what a supply chain was until it became a recent media topic related to the country’s economic troubles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While giving his speech, he said, “Ten years ago, how many of you knew what the hell a supply chain was? No, I’m serious!”

Several people took to Twitter against the President’s ‘distasteful’ remarks.

Rep.-elect John James, R-Mich., answered Biden’s question, writing, “Me. I did. And so did all the other auto workers in my district who’ve watched their jobs sent to Mexico and China because of anti-business lib policies!”

Author Alan Roberts roasted Biden, tweeting, “Dude who cannot ride a bike successfully thinks full on adults don’t understand how the grocery stores are restocked. Talk about elitist thinking.”

Former MLB pitcher Brad Ziegler slammed the president, tweeting, “We’re all morons, right @POTUS? No one ever had business class in middle school.”

Biden made a similar point last year when he was asked about his plan to address the country’s economic problems during a press conference. His speech last year also took a sneer at the intelligence of an average American citizen.

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