Another Mishap On The Tracks, This Time In Karnal, Haryana


The rail traffic on the Ambala-Delhi route has been disrupted as another Indian Railways’ goods train made headlines. Eight containers fell off the said goods train near Taraori in Haryana’s Karnal district this morning, officials said. The containers of the goods train were empty and no casualties were reported due to the incident. Restoration work is currently underway.

This incident is part of a troubling pattern of recent accidents involving goods trains in India, raising concerns about railway infrastructure and safety protocols. As the investigation into the cause of the container fall continues, it is imperative for railway authorities to address the underlying issues contributing to such mishaps. Ensuring the safety and reliability of the rail network is crucial for maintaining public trust and supporting the nation’s economic growth.

In June 2024, the Sealdah-bound 13174 Kanchanjunga Express collided with a goods train near Rangapani station, resulting in the deaths of at least 8 people and injuries to over 20 others. A crucial testimony came from one of the gatemen, who reported seeing the goods train traveling at a speed higher than the approved limit.

In April 2024, a goods train derailed near Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, resulting in the blockage of key rail lines and significant delays in passenger and freight services. The incident involved the derailment of 15 wagons carrying essential commodities, disrupting the supply chain for several days.

In February 2024, another major accident occurred in Maharashtra when a goods train derailed near Igatpuri. The derailment caused severe damage to the tracks and delayed numerous passenger trains. The incident also led to a thorough investigation into the maintenance of tracks and rolling stock.

In December 2023, a goods train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in Gujarat, causing a significant environmental scare. Emergency services were deployed to contain the spill, and nearby residents were evacuated as a precautionary measure. The incident highlighted the risks associated with transporting dangerous goods by rail and prompted calls for stricter safety regulations.

These accidents underscore the urgent need for improved safety measures and infrastructure upgrades in India’s railway network. The frequency of such incidents has raised questions about the maintenance practices and operational protocols followed by the railway authorities.

The Indian Railways, one of the largest rail networks in the world, plays a critical role in the country’s transportation system, handling millions of passengers and vast quantities of freight daily. However, multiple handicaps have led to frequent safety lapses.

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