Future of Manufacturing in India: Reclaiming the Glory of our past!

When asked for my prediction on the future of manufacturing in India, I vehemently stated […]

India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEE EC): Winds Of Change

For centuries, traders sailed with ease carrying goods from Kerala’s coast to and from Arab […]

Smart Dashboards: Bringing Insights in Sight

Draupadi’s Swayamvar: In the guise of a brahman, Arjuna was not expected to participate in the […]

Electric Vehicles: Electrifying Opportunities & Shocking Challenges

Day 14, Mahabharata: Arjuna has vowed to kill Jayadratha by day-end or he will take […]

EOQ VIEW: Lesson for Inventory Management

Couple of decades ago, close friends Suresh and Mahesh got placed in the same company […]

Metrology Rules: Key to Transparency & Productivity

The ritual of adding an extra loaf began several centuries before the popular phrase came […]

Encouraging renovation in a world of SOPs

When Laxman fell unconscious with an almost fatal injury, Lord Hanuman was tasked with getting […]

BOPIS lockers
BOPiS: Introduction to “Click and Collect”

In the midst of one steamy meeting at my 24th floor office, I missed a few […]

Growing ahead with the What & Why of Backward Integration

During the strict Covid lockdown, ensuring regular supply of fresh vegetables, that too without visiting […]

avoiding RTO
Minimizing RTO: The checklist for e-com success story

Virtual Shopping Carnival! Great discounts, widest range to select from… and my son, who visited […]

The 5S Formula to a better workplace

“I cannot find my lucky watch..I am getting late for the exam!”. This actually happened on the […]

SCM Spotlight: Managing Packaging in Logistics

In the early 1920s, Avocados were positioned as a delicacy for the rich. It was […]

Managing counterfeits: Automating authentic delivery’s authentication

‘Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahi, jaladhi laangh gaye achraj nahi’ In the epic story of […]

The KPI race: Aiming for Mars, fuelled by the stars

Over thousands of years, mankind has been enlivened, enthralled and subjugated by the celestial bodies, […]

Chiming with your LSP: 6 ways to strengthen the synchronization

Not everyone may like dancing, but you know what, it’s really fun and energizing, especially […]

Amazon India Sortation Centres
SCM Spotlight: Winning The Market On A Flying Carpet – Part 2

Recently I was watching “Why some people cannot gain weight?” on Discovery. After investing 1 […]