Zomato Takes a Break from Intercity Legends, Promises Revamped Experience Soon

Zomato has recently announced the suspension of its Intercity Legends service. This popular feature on the food delivery platform allows you to order iconic and famous dishes from other cities in India. For now, this section of the app has been suspended. Users attempting to access the ‘Legends’ tab on the Zomato app are greeted with a message stating, “Enhancements are underway. Please stay tuned, as we will be back to serve you soon.”

How Zomato Legends Intercity Used to Work

  • Selection of Restaurants: Users could browse through a selection of restaurants from different cities.
  • Placing Orders: After selecting the desired restaurant and dishes, users placed their orders through the Zomato app or website.
  • Delivery Process: Zomato coordinated with its network of restaurant partners and delivery partners to fulfill these intercity orders.
  • Safety Measures: To ensure food safety during transit, Zomato likely employed packaging solutions and transportation methods to maintain the quality and freshness of the food.
  • Quality Assurance: The service aimed to prioritize the freshness and safety of the food, assuring users of a satisfactory experience even for orders from distant locations.

According to reports, Zomato took this step as the revamped version of Legends did not see many transactions among users. The company even faced a legal issue when a Delhi resident accused them of delivering pre-stocked food from a warehouse instead of the renowned restaurants in other cities.

This decision to suspend Intercity Legends potentially underscores Zomato’s commitment to refining and enhancing its service offerings. While details regarding the specific enhancements and timeline for the service’s return remain unknown, Zomato is focused on delivering an improved and more seamless experience for its users. The suspension aligns with Zomato’s broader strategy to optimize its operations and prioritize areas of growth and innovation within its food delivery ecosystem.

In another decision, the company, weeks before the announcement of its financial results for the March quarter, announced a 25% hike in its platform fee to Rs 5 per order.

This development follows a series of fee adjustments implemented by Zomato over the past few months. In August 2023, the platform introduced a Rs 2 fee as part of its efforts to bolster profitability. This fee was subsequently increased to Rs 3 and then to Rs 4 before reaching Rs 5 per order. Notably, the platform fee was temporarily raised to Rs 9 on December 31, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to optimize its financial performance.

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