Zhengzhou-Delhi connectivity gets a push with weekly freighter movement

In another attempt to connect India to the world, the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) announced the kickstart of weekly freighter service between Zhengzhou in China to New Delhi. The ‘Longhao Freighter’ will be operated by the Chinese carrier ‘China Central’ with a frequency of two flights per week. The freighter is a Boeing B747-400 aircraft and is capable of carrying a payload of 100 MT.

Starting a dedicated freighter service between Zhengzhou and New Delhi would not only improve trade relations between India and China, but will bring several benefits including faster delivery time, cost efficiency and competitive advantage to products from both the countries. A dedicated freighter service would increase the overall capacity for transporting goods between Zhengzhou and New Delhi, which can prove particularly important for transporting large/bulky items, or large volume goods.

It should be noted that Zhengzhou is a major manufacturing hub for electronics, machinery, and automotives. Other industries in China, such as textiles, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods, would also benefit from the increased capacity and faster delivery times offered by the service.

On the other hand, India’s textile, pharma, automotives and electronics manufacturing industries will also benefit from the dedicated freighter service. These industries are major contributors to India’s economy and require efficient transportation options to export their products to other countries.

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