YLI breaks new ground, establishes logistics centres in India

For a first, Yamato Group establishes three logistics centres in India. Yamato Logistics India (YLI), the logistics arm of Yamato Group as of July 25, 2023 has established and operationalized three logistics centres at different locations in India, namely Manesar, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.

The automobile manufacturing is among the major industries of India. In the recent times, looking at the increase in domestic sales as well as the increase in exports to Africa, the Middle East, etc domestic and overseas manufacturers are increasing the production volume of completed vehicles and parts.

YLI, by establishing logistics centers in areas near industrial zones is also taking benefit of the following opportunity. It is looking to provide services such as just-in-time delivery of parts from domestic and overseas suppliers to production plants as well as domestic and international transport of parts. 

Furthermore, it will effectively combine such services, propose solutions for optimizing the entire supply chain, including areas inside and outside India, and support customers’ businesses through efforts such as the reduction of total logistics costs, improvement of production efficiency, and reduction of the environmental burden.

Until now, YLI, which was established in 2008, provided in-house logistics services mainly for automobile manufacturers in India.

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