World’s largest container ship, OOCL Valencia embark its trial Voyage

The OOCL Valencia, the world’s largest container ship, has commenced its trial voyage from Nantong in China’s Jiangsu Province. This achievement is noteworthy as it marks the first completion of such a vessel in China in 2024.

Constructed by a Nantong-based company, the OOCL Valencia boasts impressive specifications, including a capacity to carry 24,188 twenty-foot container boxes. With a total length of 399.99 meters and a breadth of 61.3 meters, this ship exemplifies China’s cutting-edge shipbuilding capabilities.

This milestone follows the successful delivery of the OOCL Spain, a precursor to the OOCL Valencia, on March 15, 2023, in Zhejiang Province. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, the OOCL Valencia underscores China’s leadership in the global shipping industry, standing out as an innovative vessel on the international stage. As it embarks on its trial run, it signifies a significant leap in the country’s shipbuilding prowess, positioning China at the forefront of innovation in the container shipping sector.

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