World’s largest cargo ship, the Ever Ace, arrives in UK

ever ace at felixstowe

Ever Ace, the world’s largest cargo ship to ever exist, has recently arrived in the UK and has docked at the Port of Felixstowe. The ship, operated by Evergreen Marine Corporation, made the voyage from Rotterdam to the Felixstowe Port in Suffolk and docked on Sunday morning.

The Port is the largest and busiest in Britain and Ever Ace, the 1,300 ft cargo vessel, can carry almost 24,000 TEU, setting a record for most containers loaded on a cargo ship ever.

Ever Ace is the sister ship to Ever Given – the ship that blocked the Suez Canal – and the Ever Forward which ran aground the Chesapeake Bay near Maryland in US, both earlier this year.

Eleven other mega container ships are being built in the make of the Ever Ace, three of which could become operational this year. According to American Bureau of Shipping records, both Ever Given and Ever Ace are the same length, but the Ever Ace is wider and deeper. The Ever Given is 192.9 feet wide, slightly narrower than the Ever Ace’s 201.7 feet. The Ever Given has a draught, or depth, of 52.4 feet in comparison with the Ever Ace’s 54.1 feet.

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