World’s heaviest breakbulk unit shipped from India to Spain

Record heavy breakbulk unit shipped by a RoRo vessel

In a record-breaking event, a Generator weighing 107.4 metric ton was shipped from Ennore Port in India to Barcelona in Spain. It is the single heaviest breakbulk unit handled so far on a RoRo vessel in India. This record breaking feat has been achieved by the Norway based Höegh Autoliners, who had successfully transported a massive 94.3 metric ton Mill Shell from Mumbai to Dakar last year.

Risk-management via technical evaluation

A technical team from Höegh Autoliners visited the factory in order to prepare a detailed evaluation for handling the sensitive cargo with utmost care and high priority. Their Operations team, under the supervision of Höegh’s Port Captain, drew a plan to stuff the breakbulk unit on to the Höegh Autoliners’ roll trailer and loaded it on board the vessel. This significantly reduced the risk of damage compared to lifting, ensuring a smoother and safer transport option.

“The customer was very pleased with our solution, as it provided them with a safe and cost-effective transportation option for their sensitive cargo. With the successful shipment, it is another example of how we use our team of experts specialised in handling complex breakbulk and project cargo to get the job done.”

-Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager in India

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