V-Trans plans to achieve a turnover of 3000 crore by FY26, expands presence in Southern India

V-Trans (India) Ltd, has set an ambitious goal of reaching a turnover of 3,000 crores in the next three years. This goal is in line with the company’s focus on expanding its presence in the southern region of India including the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana markets leading to job creation opportunities with an increase of a total of 600 numbers.

V-Trans is set to benefit from the government’s infrastructure push, which is aimed at maximizing the logistics sector’s potential in the south. This is expected to create job opportunities for the company in the upcoming 1-2 years.

The company has also recognized the growing importance of manufacturing space in India and is investing in building future warehouses and newer branches to cater to this demand. V-Trans sees a promising future for the logistics sector, which is fast becoming a centerpiece of India’s policy. The new branches will be spread across major cities and towns in the South region, including Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Coimbatore, among others.

V-trans with this expansion aims to cater to the increasing demand for logistics and transport services in the region and provide better connectivity to its customers.

V-trans plans to leverage the recently launched National Logistics Policy which is expected to streamline the industry further. The hub and spoke network of transshipment centers and v-trans branches are strategically designed and located to facilitate faster and smoother movement of goods across the region. This network helps in consolidating cargo and streamlining the transportation process, which will ultimately benefit the customers with reduced transit time and cost.

The company aims to become a one-stop solution provider for all logistics and transportation needs in the South region and offer it’s customers unmatched service quality and reliability. With a focus on innovation and technology, the company has stayed ahead of the competition, and its continued investment in the logistics sector is expected to yield positive results in the coming years. V-Trans is serving varied industry-based manufacturing clients for over six decades. The company enables manufacturing by providing a logistics edge to its clients of different sizes – small, medium, or big, with customized solutions.

V-Trans group also understands its responsibility towards building a circular economy and is working towards a better environment. Its efforts have been recognized and appreciated by various noteworthy bodies and institutions. The group’s efforts are notable in the field of renewable energy, tree plantation, supporting the education of the underprivileged, and animal welfare.

“We are excited about the growth potential in the logistics sector, particularly in the southern region of India. Our investment in this region and our focus on building future warehouses and leveraging the growing manufacturing activities will help us achieve our ambitious growth targets.”

Mr. Mahendra Shah, Chairman, and Group Managing Director of V-Trans (India) Ltd

“As an Executive director for the group and region in charge for the south, we see a lot of potential in south India to contribute to the overall growth plans of our company. Being a process-driven and tech-enabled organization, which is culturally aligned to the Indian mindset, our strengthening of the network in South India shall enable us to achieve our desired Goal.”

Mr. Rajesh Shah, Executive Director, V-Trans (India) Ltd

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