Upskilling the logistics workforce a dire need of the hour

As India plans to release its Logistics Cost Index soon, it’s important for the industry to prepare its workforce to be able to meet the projected demand.

Under the Logistics Cost Index initiative, multiple indexed data will be provided to capture product-wise as well as region-wide logistics cost movement on a forthrightly or monthly basis on the lines of WPI and CPI, DPIIT has said.

“The artificial neural network method that is a system used globally to determine logistics cost relies largely on international data sets of things coming from outside or business trying to happen with India and things that move out from here. So, international estimates on logistics cost in India is largely based on the cost of moving in and out of trading ports in the country that is determined by global shipping lines.”

~ Surendra Ahirwar, joint secretary, DPIIT

Thus, to understand the actuals, it becomes a prerogative for the industry to try and upskill the workforce to the fullest.

Check out the webinar below to know how this can be achieved.

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