Upcoming MMLP in Gujarat to be developed by Concor

MMLP reference image

Container Corporation of India (Concor), will be developing the upcoming Multi Modal Logistics Park (MMLP) in Gujarat’s Varnama Village, ~20km from Vadodara. The MMLP will also be Concor’s first Gati Shakti Multi Modal Cargo Terminal and will be spread on nearly 150 acres of land. It will cost around INR 500 crore to develop the MMLP, out of which, more than INR 300 crore has already been spent.

The upcoming facility will be near Varnama railway station on the Mumbai-Delhi main line route and will also be close to National Highway (NH) 8. An Inland Container Depot (ICD), being developed on nearly 30,000 sq m land (7.20 acre), is also part of the upcoming MMLP project.

The project was envisaged in 2014. Due to land acquisition-related issues and the Covid-19 pandemic, the project was delayed. Now, work has almost completed. We are planning to inaugurate the MMLP by the second week of July,”

Rajat Gupta, In-charge of the MMLP

The land for the MMLP has been acquired from Gujarat’s land acquisition division and revenue department. Till now, the PSU has spent INR 350 crore which includes land acquisition expenses, construction of the entire terminal, funding of two railway bridge extensions and the Varnama railway station yard. Another INR 150 crore will be spent for connectivity to the DFC Interchange Yard and development of the approach road.

According to Gupta, with the ICD available with complete infrastructure, the container traffic growth is expected to increase by 13% in the first year itself. The rail connectivity to the ICD will make it a central hub for EXIM trade (multi-modal cargo and container movement) in Vadodara. More than 600 exporters and importers are expected to be benefited, he added.

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