Union Minister, MoPSW, Shri Sarbanand Sonwal Reviews JNPT’s Green Project Initiatives

Union Minister, MoPSW, Shri Sarbanand Sonwal, in a meeting with all major ports, CSL, and IWAI on Saturday, January 29, reviewed the progress of various green initiatives implemented as per Maritime India Vision 2030 for the developments of green ports and green shipping in India.

In the meeting, Mr. Sanjay Sethi, IAS, Chairman of India’s premier container port, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT), which has several green projects underway, highlighted JNPT’s green port initiatives. 

He said, “JNPT has prepared an action plan covering all Port activities, including cargo handling, storing, evacuation, and many other activities related to environmental protection. JNPT provides shore power supply to tugs and port crafts, the induction of these E-RTGCs, and many such initiatives. We have installed solar panels at JNPT inducted electric vehicles. JN Port has prepared an action plan covering all activities of the Port including cargo handling, storing, evacuation and many other activities related to environmental protection.”

JNPT intends to use 60% of renewable energy, Adoption of Multi Fuel (CNG/Electric / LNG), Shore Power, LNG Bunkering, Energy Efficiency Smart Lightning, Green Belt Cover, Water Conservation/Sewage Treatment, Upcoming solar plants of 2.5MWp, under the Maritime India Vision 2030. 

Committed to sustainable development, Jawaharlal Nehru port takes adequate measures to maintain ecological balance. JNPT has a total land availability of 3402 hectares, out of which 1147 hectares area (34%) of the Port is under green cover, including mangroves. It has an ecosystem of rich and diversified flora and fauna and has taken the initiative to acquire Green Port status to address the Global climate change problem at the port level. 

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