UltraTech deploys LNG-fueled trucks to inch towards its sustainability targets

Making strides in its commitment to sustainability and decarbonisation of its operations, UltraTech Cement has deployed LNG-fueled trucks at its bulk terminal in Pune.

GreenLine’s LNG-powered fleet of trucks in Pune is the second deployment of UltraTech after the first deployment at its Awarpur Cement Works near Nagpur and a significant step towards achieving the company’s sustainability targets.

This development underscores UltraTech’s commitment to scaling up its LNG fleet at its plants across the country in the coming months.

“At UltraTech, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable future, and we are fully committed to collaborating with our partners and stakeholders to achieve our goal of a cleaner environment. Our association with GreenLine is a step forward on our ongoing efforts to decrease emissions, enhance energy efficiency.”

~ Tanmay Pradhan, AVP Logistics at UltraTech Cement

Greenline said, besides reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 28 per cent, LNG trucks significantly reduce other dangerous emissions- SOx emissions by up to 100 percent. NOx emissions by up to 59% and particular matter by up to 91%. We are proud to be again be the chosen green mobility partners for UltraTech Cement in their endeavour to reduce carbon emissions from their heavy trucking.

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