UK Roads Attract 2L Crore Investment – India’s Ambitions, Gadkari’s Munitions

In a significant development for Uttarakhand’s infrastructure, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari unveiled ambitious plans to revolutionize the state’s road network. Speaking at an event in Tanakpur, Gadkari announced a staggering investment of Rs 2 lakh crore aimed at elevating Uttarakhand’s roads to international standards, akin to those in the United States, by the end of 2024.

The occasion marked the inauguration of national highway projects worth over Rs 2,000 crore in Tanakpur. Gadkari highlighted that the current investment in Uttarakhand’s road infrastructure stands at Rs 1.40 crore, with an additional Rs 60 crore set to bolster the efforts, culminating in the monumental expenditure of Rs 2 lakh crore.

Expressing his commitment to the state’s development, Gadkari proclaimed, “By the end of 2024, the national highways in Uttarakhand will match international standards.” He emphasized the remarkable growth in Uttarakhand’s national highway network, which has expanded from 2,517 km in 2014 to 3,608 km presently.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami expressed gratitude for the long-awaited projects, acknowledging Gadkari’s proactive stance in their realization. Dhami commended Gadkari’s unwavering support, stating, “He is always ready to offer all help for the development of Uttarakhand. We get what we want even before we ask for it.”

These initiatives are poised to bolster connectivity in the Manaskhand region, promising smoother and faster transportation links between Uttarakhand and the rest of the country. As Uttarakhand emerges as a critical connector, the investment is expected to bridge the gap between the hinterland and the northern hilly regions, facilitating economic growth and development.

The announcement comes as a boon for Uttarakhand, heralding a new era of modernized infrastructure and improved connectivity that will undoubtedly propel the state’s socio-economic progress.

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