U.S.-China Trade Tensions Escalate: China Vows Action Against U.S. Tariffs”

China has strongly criticized a U.S. proposal to impose fresh restrictions on its steel and aluminum products, vowing to take measures to safeguard its interests. The Ministry of Commerce condemned what it termed the U.S. “arbitrarily slapping tariffs on Chinese products,” accusing Washington of politicizing economic matters and jeopardizing global supply chain security.

In a statement issued on April 18, the Ministry urged the U.S. to refrain from escalating tariffs and declared that China would use all necessary means to protect its rights.

President Joe Biden’s proposed tariffs, aimed at bolstering the American steel industry and supporting its workforce, would levy 25% tariffs on specific Chinese steel and aluminum goods. These measures are part of an ongoing evaluation process, coinciding with a formal inquiry into China’s shipbuilding industry.

Despite analysts predicting minimal economic ramifications due to Chinese steel and aluminum imports amounting to approximately $1.7 billion in 2023, constituting a small fraction of the overall market, U.S. officials stated that these actions were preemptive to prevent an anticipated influx and to safeguard domestic interests.

Previously, Beijing condemned the Biden administration’s intention to initiate a formal investigation into its maritime, logistics, and shipbuilding sectors, dismissing the probe as a misguided move driven by domestic political agendas.

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