Tushar Jani-backed Fundalogical Ventures Invests in Cold Chain Start-Up INDICOLD


In a significant development for India’s burgeoning cold supply chain sector, Fundalogical Ventures, backed by industry stalwart Tushar Jani, has made a substantial investment in INDICOLD, a tech-enabled cold supply chain start-up. The infusion of funds, marked as a Pre-Series A funding round, signals a new chapter in INDICOLD’s trajectory toward innovation and expansion.

Established in 2019, INDICOLD has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of cold supply chain solutions. With a relentless focus on technology development and sustainability, INDICOLD specializes in cold warehousing, refrigerated transportation, and value-added services. The company’s holistic approach, seamlessly connecting farm to fork and manufacturing to the consumer, underscores its commitment to reshaping the future of cold chain logistics.

INDICOLD will be using the investment from Fundalogical Ventures to fuel its ambitious growth plans, with a strategic emphasis on technological advancement, geographical expansion, and talent acquisition. This partnership not only validates the vision and potential of IndiCold but also underscores Fundalogical’s confidence in the exponential growth prospects of the cold logistics sector.

“With the country’s rapidly expanding demand for efficient cold logistics solutions, we see immense potential for growth in this sector. With huge losses in storage and transportation of temperature-controlled food supply chains, Indicold’s visionary founders and innovative operations will bring value-added propositions to their customers.”

Mr. Tushar Jani, Fundalogical Ventures Sponsor

Ratna Mehta, CEO, and Managing Partner of Fundalogical Ventures echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the imminent wave of innovation set to redefine India’s supply chain landscape. Mehta expressed excitement over partnering with IndiCold, recognizing the company’s disruptive platform and its pivotal role in shaping the future of cold supply chain solutions.

On the announcement, INDICOLD’s founders, Kartik Jalan and Niharika Jalan, reiterated their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Deep Tech, AI, and ML to drive sustainability and efficiency within the cold chain ecosystem. They expressed enthusiasm about the accelerated growth trajectory facilitated by the partnership with Fundalogical Ventures.

Furthermore, INDICOLD’s plans to establish India’s first frozen Automatic Storage and Retrieval System – High Bay Warehouse in Gujarat exemplify its commitment to setting new standards in automation and supply chain excellence.

The collaboration between Fundalogical Ventures and INDICOLD not only signifies a significant milestone for both entities but also heralds a new era of innovation, growth, and sustainability within India’s cold supply chain sector.

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