Turkish Cargo Unveils Innovative Pharmaceutical Logistics Solutions

Turkish Cargo, a prominent player in the global air cargo industry, has introduced three new products in the pharmaceutical logistics sector: TK Pharma Standard, TK Pharma Extra, and TK Pharma Advanced. These offerings aim to provide flexible solutions for pharmaceutical and medical consignments, addressing various industry needs.

Ali Türk, Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines, expressed pride in the company’s 7% market share in global pharmaceutical transportation. Turkish Cargo emphasizes its commitment to innovation, adapting to the evolving healthcare landscape, and ensuring transparency and quality services for business partners.

Industry-standard temperature-controlled solutions

TK Pharma Standard enables temperature-sensitive cargo to be shipped in compliance with the industry requirements. With this product, shipments get the benefit of expert handling, high priority for loading, dedicated temperature-controlled storage, trained dedicated operations team and 24/7 customer services, available throughout the entire TK Pharma Network under the assurance of Turkish Cargo.  

Enhanced temperature-controlled solutions

TK Pharma Extra goes above and beyond industry standards for shipping highly temperature- and time-sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical products. Utilizing passive packaging methods, TK Pharma Extra provides enhanced protection to these delicate items during apron transportation. From departure to arrival, all shipments are meticulously monitored by the 24/7 Pharma Control Tower, ensuring seamless temperature-controlled transport. Access to this premium service is limited to designated “TK Pharma High-Quality Stations,” rigorously audited and approved by our TK Cargo Pharma quality team.

Active and hybrid temperature-controlled solutions

Offering the most advanced solutions for protecting the cold chain, TK Pharma Advanced provides the opportunity to consign with near-zero risk against temperature deviation by making use of active temperature-controlled or hybrid/advanced passive containers. The cargo, covered by such product, is carried at a fixed temperature between -70°C / +30°C, depending on the requests of the customers. The expert team, established dedicatedly for TK Pharma Advanced, not only manages the transportation processes, but also provides the customers with consultancy service in terms of container leasing.

With its dedicated storage facilities offering 4 different temperature ranges at SMARTIST TCC (Temperature Controlled Centre) at Istanbul Airport, Turkish Cargo provides the opportunity to maintain pharmaceuticals and medical products at optimal conditions.

Turkish Cargo holds an IATA CEIV Pharma certificate and transports all pharmaceuticals and medical consignments diligently and in compliance with the industry requirements. The carrier also provides temperature-controlled build-up and break-down and automated ULD storage for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments in TCC.

SMARTIST, equipped with the smart technologies such as, Automatic Storage Systems, Robotic Process Automation and takes the unique service quality of Turkish Cargo much further in respect of operational speed and quality.

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