Turkish Cargo creates new record in lower deck cargo transport on Boeing 777

Turkish Cargo

In what comes as a major achievement for Turkish Cargo, it has recently transported 67,340 kgs of cargo on the lower deck of its Boeing 777 aircraft. This new feat by the cargo airline has managed to create a new record by surpassing the global lower deck cargo transport record on a Boeing 777.

Dried fruits and nuts cargo were loaded on 14 pallets and safely delivered from Afghanistan to China, Spain, Germany, France and Italy just recently.

Turkish Cargo has been active in the transport of essentials too, amidst the mayhem unleashed by the pandemic. Turkish Cargo carried Covid-19 vaccines manufactured in China to Brazil, the company said in a recent release.

The vaccines, loaded inside seven containers equipped with dedicated cooling systems, were transported from Beijing to Sao Paulo.

By carrying pharmaceuticals to destinations such as Mumbai, Brussels, Istanbul, Singapore, Dubai, Basel, London and Amsterdam, Turkish Cargo has been successful in creating a global pharmaceutical corridor between more than 400 destinations.

The brand carried more than 40,000 tons of pharmaceuticals, medical products and medical equipment between January and September, and reported a growth over 50 per cent for the pharmaceutical shipments during the same period.

Earlier, Turkish Airlines chief cargo officer, Turhan Özen said, “We made significant contributions for the sustainability of the supply chain and enlarged our cold chain footprint all around the world thanks to the business processes we have been maintaining uninterruptedly during the course of the pandemic.”

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