Turkish Airlines reveals plan to establish a new air cargo company

Turkish Airlines has recently announced its plans to establish a new air cargo company that will entirely be a subsidiary of the airline company.

The national flag carrier airline of Turkey informed the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) about the establishment of the subsidiary earlier Friday.

“Our Board of Directors decided to establish an air cargo company, wholly-owned by the Incorporation, due to the increasing trend on cargo operations and to take quick actions while improving focused strategies like new product development and vertical integration,” Turkish Airlines’ press release stated.

Turkish Airlines currently has an air cargo division, Turkish Cargo, which ramped up business during the pandemic period.

“The newly established company will strengthen our position among the most crucial players in the cargo sector, by making the most of Turkish Cargo’s unique competitive advantage and create a separate platform for potential strategic foreign partnerships in the future,” the statement added.

Turkish Cargo has been active in the transport of essentials too, amidst the mayhem unleashed by the pandemic. Turkish Cargo carried Covid-19 vaccines manufactured in China to Brazil, the company said in a recent release.

The airline operating with a fleet of 365 aircraft – both cargo aircraft and passenger aircraft turned its passenger fleet into cargo planes, especially after the pandemic halted global passenger transportation with border closures and flight suspensions.

Turkish Airlines’ cargo division provides air cargo services to more than 320 destinations around the globe, 95 of which are direct cargo points.

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