Turkish Airlines’ Chief Cargo Officer joins TIACA Board

Turhan Özen, the Chief Cargo Officer of Turkish Airlines and the head of Turkish Cargo has joined the Board of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).

“The air cargo industry requires effective leadership to manage the changes demanded by continuously diversified customer needs. That leadership needs to be the clear manifestation of the common will to enable us to establish well-functioning processes and a sustainable future vision,” Özen was quoted as saying.

He further added, “I believe that my Board membership at TIACA will contribute to this  leadership in terms of  a  positive way  for the change and for the development of the international air cargo sector.”

Özen has a sizeable experience of overseeing business development in the Balkans, Middle East, and African regions which contributes to his knowledge of the territories surrounding Turkey.

Earlier this month, Turkish Airlines moved all operations from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul Airport, an undertaking called the “Great Move” by the airline.

The new Istanbul Airport, which is slated for completion 2027, will be the busiest hub in the world, with six runways boosting capacity for cargo.

“With a sizeable and impressive new airport, Turkey is set to become a major aviation transport hub between Europe and Asia,” Sebastiaan Scholte, Chairman of TIACA and Chief Executive Officer of Jan de Rijk Logistics opined.

“Because Turhan will be present on the ground as this major project works towards completion, his insight will prove invaluable to the TIACA Board and its members,” he added.

Özen is one of several new members recruited to join the TIACA board as part of an ongoing strategy launched in 2018 to focus more on members and content.

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