TruckNet Digital launches Transportation Management Platform for manufacturers


TruckNet Digital- a Digital Supply Network Platform with an aim to help companies manage their logistics efficiently and prepare it for unpredictable situations, has announced its offerings for manufacturers across India.

The Digital Platform has been helping manufacturing and distribution companies with its technology to improve their profitability through more efficient transport management during these unprecedented times when businesses have been facing unpredictable out-of-stock situations, stranded trucks and a lack of visibility into their supply chains.

With TruckNet, they can now monitor their consignment independent of transporters and can facilitate all their customer interactions digitally.

“Manufacturers and distributors need a smooth and functioning network between a company and its suppliers to get the product to the final buyer. Companies require an efficient transport management system providing them with complete visibility and control over their transport operations. This is what we offer them through TruckNet Digital. ”

~Anjani Mandal, Co-founder and CEO of TruckNet Digital

The platform allows manufacturers to simplify logistic operations by enabling automation and transparency. With better visibility on shipments and digitalisation of invoices and receipts, customers will be happier to work with manufacturers.

Furthermore, the platform also provides a built-in vendor management and advanced freight reconciliation which enable on time payments by vendors without duplicates.

Rewarding high performing transport vendors also helps reduce costs in the long term. Digital invoices, electronic proof of delivery and anytime-anywhere accessibility to logistics and billing help customers reduce cash cycle times by a week or more.

“Companies will no longer be impacted by unpredictable situations like lockdowns and can be equipped ahead of time. TruckNet makes managing transportation for multiple offices and warehouses across geographies easier. Companies can avail services TruckNet offers based on their requirements and upgrade as and when required making it very economical and convenient for them”

~Vivek Malhotra, Co-founder and Chief of Strategy and Marketing at TruckNet Digital

TruckNet’s digital logistics management platform is created with Transact – Control – Analyse – Optimise as the core mantra, and is available for companies across India.

The logistics platform is great for CFOs and CIOs to get visibility and control over logistics as well as for operational and managerial staff for managing logistics transactions.

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