Transformative Development Unleashed: PM Modi’s Dual Odyssey to Bulandshahr and Jaipur

In a momentous journey, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to embark on a day of unparalleled development, marking significant strides in infrastructure and connectivity.

The Prime Minister’s itinerary will start in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh dedicating to the nation’s projects valued over INR 19,100 crores. These transformative endeavors span crucial sectors including rail, road, oil and gas, and urban development & housing. A highlight of this initiative is the inauguration of the 173 km long double-line electrified section between New Khurja – New Rewari on the Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC). This new DFC section is important as it establishes crucial connectivity between the Western and Eastern DFCs. Further, this section is also known for its remarkable feat of engineering. Boasting a 1 km long double-line rail tunnel with high-rise electrification, it stands as a global engineering marvel designed for double-stack container trains.

The PM will inaugurate the fourth line connecting the Mathura – Palwal section & Chipiyana Buzurg – Dadri section, fortifying rail connectivity from the national capital to Southern Western & Eastern India. This strategic move aligns with the ambitious goal of enhancing transportation efficiency.

The PM will also inaugurate multiple road development projects costing over INR 5000 crores, including the Aligarh to Bhadwas four-laning work Package-1, widening of Meerut to Karnal border via Shamli, and four-laning of Shamli-Muzaffarnagar section, promising improved connectivity and a boost to regional economic development.

Another major achievement is the early completion of Indian Oil’s Tundla-Gawaria Pipeline, a 255 km long project costing INR 700 crores. This pipeline will facilitate the seamless transportation of petroleum products, contributing to the energy infrastructure of the region.

In line with the PM-GatiShakti initiative, the Prime Minister will dedicate the ‘Integrated Industrial Township at Greater Noida’ (IITGN), an INR 1,714 crore project spread over 747 acres. Positioned strategically, near the intersection of Eastern and Western Dedicated Freight Corridors with the Eastern Peripheral Expressway to the south and the Delhi-Howrah broad gauge railway line to the east, IITGN promises unparalleled connectivity, fostering industrial growth, economic prosperity, and sustainable development.

The day shall conclude with the inauguration of the renovated Mathura sewerage scheme and Moradabad (Ramganga) sewerage system & STP works (Phase I). These initiatives, totaling INR 790 crores, demonstrate the government’s commitment to environmental sustainability and pollution abatement of the Ramganga River.

In the evening, the PM will extend a welcome to French President Emmanuel Macron in Jaipur. Together, they will explore the city’s cultural and historical treasures, reinforcing diplomatic ties between the two nations.

This dual sojourn epitomizes India’s commitment to progress, connectivity, and global partnerships, heralding a new era of transformative development.

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