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The logistics landscape in India has completely changed from how it was five years ago. The advent of e-commerce, increased demand in tier 2, 3 & 4 cities, the spike in appointment delivery – all of these calls for a logistics and supply chain specialist with a wide transportation network, warehouse network, and expertise in supply chain technology.

Navata SCS was found with this vision of providing an end to end tech-driven transparent and efficient supply chain solutions. Our 40+ years of industry experience combined with the expertise of our 500+ eco-system partners enables us to offer modern customer-centric solutions. Here are some of the ways we have been innovatively catering to our customer’s unique requirements.

There was a sudden spike in customer demand after the two months of complete lockdown period. A nationwide baby products chain needed their consignment to be moved to their end stores immediately.

Transportation hubs were clogged and there was a dearth of drivers. We walked away from their traditional model of delivery and came up with a customized distribution strategy that reduced their service time by 30%. We used a combination of 2 or 3 models like bulk breaking, artificial intelligence-based route optimization, and direct customer delivery.

Another interesting segment we are work on is efficient warehouse planning and distribution. A leading construction equipment company had a network of 27 warehouses in two states and needed their spare parts to be delivered to construction sites within a day. After doing a detailed study of their distribution system using machine learning and data analytics tools, we cut down their number of warehouses to just 7, offering significant cost savings while maintaining the same service time.

India is now witnessing rapid expansion of supermarkets like D-mart and Jio-mart to tier 2 & 3 cities. These stores strictly work on an appointment delivery basis. If not delivered at the right time, the customer loses their sale and the cost of transporting their products all the way to the supermarket. Navata SCS strictly keeps the promise of appointment delivery for multiple packaged food brands.

Navata SCS is also providing pan India flexi 3PL services for an upcoming TV brand. They pay only for the storage space used, helping them to scale up during peak season and save costs during the offseason.

This is a sponsored article and has been authored by Navata SCS. All views expressed are of Navata SCS.

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