TIACA and Pharma.Aero come together to provide guidance on vaccine delivery

As the world awaits the COVID-19 vaccine, its transportation across the globe once it’s out will be a matter of great concern. Catering to the issue, TIACA and Pharma.Aero have together come up with guidance for the air cargo industry on the transportation of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The guidance for the transportation of the vaccine will be developed in four packages through a joint working group and will ensure feedback from all stakeholders in the supply chain of air cargo and pharmaceuticals.

“I’m proud to be a member of the TIACA and Pharma.Aero working group, which is doing the critical work of connecting all vaccine supply chain stakeholders to foster effective communication and collaboration. We need to start working together now to ensure the industry is prepared when the time comes.”

~ Neel Jones Shah, TIACA board member and global head of airfreight at Flexport

He believes that the delivery and transport of the COVID-19 vaccine will be one of the biggest logistical challenges in modern history and no single company can own the end-to-end vaccine supply chain.

“Setting up reliable end-to-end air transportation for pharma shippers is part of the vision and mission of Pharma.Aero. Amongst our members i.e. life sciences and pharmaceutical shippers, certified airport communities and air cargo operators, we have a track record of project-based collaboration. As a result, Pharma.Aero is well-positioned to make a valuable contribution in preparing the air cargo industry for this immense challenge”

~ Nathan De Valck, Chairman, Pharma.Aero

The working group on the guidance will consist of member from both the organisations along with various other international organisation.

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