Third Edition of Delivery Delight Index launched by RedSeer and Shadowfax casts light on fast growing D2C brands

delivery delight

The third edition of Delivery Delight Index (DDI#3) launched by RedSeer and Shadowfax, in 2021, highlights how the digitally native brands (DNB) and vertical market players have emerged as the key champions on the back of improved
delivery experience.

In CY20, it has been witnessed that the direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands grew 3x faster than overall e-Commerce in India, a result of the sizable set of mature customers and an enabling infrastructure.

As per the index, the specialised players in the logistics players enabling last-mile delivery, warehouse and new-age logistics space are enabling these brands to deliver and help them grow at such a rapid pace.

Delivery Delight Index is a toolkit for brands and platforms that has been developed after ~10,000 consumer surveys covering 38 players across four types of platforms i.e., E-tailing Marketplaces, Hyperlocal Marketplaces, Digitally Native Brands and Traditional Brands/Retailers.

“The index reinstates our belief that customer expectations are moving towards faster and faster deliveries today. On the other hand, brands who are investing behind speed and delivery delight for consumers are gaining market share and consequently emerging as leaders in the index.”

~Abhishek Bansal, Co-founder, Shadowfax

Key Highlights from the ‘Delivery Delight Index’

1. Improved performance of players across “Speed of Delivery‟ and “Delivery Experience‟ has been attributed to the complete unlock in the JFM’21 period leading to smooth flow of the supply chain
2. DNB platforms have improved speed of delivery by adoption of Micro-warehouse, in partnership with third party warehousing aggregators and started same day or next day delivery.
3. Leading DNB platforms have also implemented “Doorstep QC‟ of products leading to a reduced refund time.

“The study has shown that despite the phenomenal growth of the D2C brands in recent times, these brands have been able to provide a superlative delivery experience with the support of third-party logistics players. Further, the specialised players in the warehousing and logistics space are enabling these newage brands to fulfill the growing demand with a quality experience.”

~Anil Kumar, Founder and CEO, RedSeer

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