Thinking Out Of The Box: Tresa Motors’ Vision for Sustainable Transportation

Electric vehicles (EVs) have come a long way in recent years, becoming a viable option over traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. They offer lower operating costs, reduced emissions, and a quieter ride. For billions, EVs are the future of the logistics and supply chain industry, and as EV technology and infrastructure improves, EVs shall become increasingly practical for businesses. We got in an exclusive interaction with Rohan Shravan, Founder and CEO of Tresa Motors, who discusses EVs for supply chains in general, and also points out stand-out features of Tresa EVs like its aerodynamic design and axial flux motors, and much more. Excerpts follow:

There is no one quite like Tresa in today’s market.

Tresa Motors stands out in the electric truck market as a homegrown brand, embracing the Make in India vision at its core through its dedicated in-house developments and technological innovations. Our focus on driving the highest efficiency in the EV sector manifests across all the things that we do and create. Our unique aerodynamic design not only gives us a distinct appearance but also enhances our efficiency on the road.

 As one of the few manufacturers of Axial Flux motors, we ensure optimal performance aligned with global standards, showcasing our commitment to in-house development and the “Made in India” ethos.

Our electric trucks prioritize both driver comfort and road safety. Our Model V trucks feature a central seating arrangement, providing drivers with an elevated vantage point for better road visibility. Additionally, our air-conditioned cabins guarantee a comfortable working environment regardless of weather conditions. We have also introduced several industry-first advancements, such as a LIDAR-enabled AI system that provides 3D road sensing and a suite of advanced safety features like ABS, ESC, and collision avoidance systems.

At Tresa Motors, we leverage our in-house AI expertise to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. Our sensor-vision model enables our trucks to proactively navigate road obstacles like potholes and speed breakers, optimizing momentum for enhanced efficiency. Safety is another paramount factor, facilitated by LIDAR-enabled AI that provides 3D road sensing and a suite of advanced safety features.

Notably, Tresa’s innovative zonal architecture centralizes ECUs with NVIDIA GPUs for seamless control, AI integration, and real-time telematics, emphasizing sustainability and innovation in the trucking space.

Tresa Motors stands as a testament to indigenous excellence, embodying the ethos of local manufacturing, innovation driving, and leading technological advancements, all in alignment with Make in India’s overarching goals.

Cutting-edge technology and efficiency-driven design are the cornerstones of our trucks, which ensure the lowest total cost of ownership for fleet owners. Our in-house-developed FLUX350 axial flux motor delivers 350 kW of peak power, providing exceptional performance and efficiency.

Furthermore, the eAxle DAX1 optimizes space and drivability by integrating key components into a compact unit. Tresa’s simple and innovative design also allows for quicker assembly, cutting down battery pack work by 90%.

These industry-first advancements, combined with the inherent cost savings of electric mobility, make these trucks a compelling proposition for fleet owners seeking to maximize their long-term profitability

This is an abridged version of the interview published in the June edition of the Logistics Insider Magazine. To read the complete interview, click here.

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