Test run of Delhi Metro’s cargo service might be called off due to lukewarm response

Due to spiritless response, the experimental run of cargo transport between the Delhi Airport and the New Delhi railway station via Delhi metro’s Airport Express line might be discontinued.

It was in mid-February, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) had launched cargo services on its high-speed airport express line that doubled up as freight corridor.

Apart from transporting passengers to the airport and New Delhi, it transported cargo within 20 minutes to the city-centre and vice-versa. The DMRC was hoping to reap riches from the facility, however lacklustre response over the year might force the DMRC to reconsider and discontinue services from next month.  

The Times of India quoted a DMRC official anonymously, reporting that: “DMRC tied up with an agency mid-February to start the services on the line on an experimental basis between New Delhi and Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) terminal 3 Metro station.”

Under this arrangement, transportation of non-perishable and e-commerce items is facilitated through the Airport Express line for six months. Prohibited items as per statutory rules or as notified by DMRC time are not allowed and the cargo is transferred after the necessary security checks,” he said.

“The response to the service, however, has been mixed. We will take a call on it in July after the trial completes six months,” the official said. “In case a decision is taken that the service is worth continuing, we will float a tender again to carry out the services on a long-term arrangement,” the official added.

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