Tesla’s heavy trucking unit hits another roadblock

Electric Vehicle Company, Tesla’s long-time executive Jerome Guillen, who oversaw its Semi electric trucks slated to be launched this year, has left the company, barely three months after taking over the role, the company informed on Monday.

Being associated with the company for over a decade, Guillen started as a Model S program director in 2010 and oversaw Tesla’s entire vehicles business before becoming the president of the Tesla Heavy Trucking unit in March. He was one of Tesla’s top four leadership members, including CEO Elon Musk.

Dan Levy, a Credit-Suisse analyst said in a note, the departure is “negative given Guillen previously viewed as central to Tesla” as he was “arguably key in stabilizing auto biz post Model 3 launch” in 2017.

The battery powered semi-electric commercial trucks are yet to begin delivering, as Musk earlier mentioned of an expected delay in its mass production to 2022 due to the battery cell supply constraints faced as a result of the pandemic.

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In January, Musk also said that Tesla would be able to produce the Semi when its new 4680 cells could be produced in volume, alleviating a battery shortage.

In a separate statement on Sunday Musk also informed that the company has canceled its Longest-range Model S Plaid+, which would require 4680 cells and the production of the same has been delayed to next year.

The company’s shares have fallen 0.7% in aftermarket trading.

Guillen was one of only a few long-serving executives at Tesla, which is known for the high turnover rate of its executives.

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