TATA Motors launches new digital connected vehicle solution for fleet owners in India

Connected vehicle solution launched by TATA Motors

Tata Motors’ Commercial Vehicle division recently launched ‘Fleet Edge’, a connected vehicle feature. The new solution aims at improving fleet management by allowing owners to make more informed decisions regarding their commercial fleet.

The new connected vehicle feature is said to offer real-time insights for track and trace, vehicle health, driving behaviour, real-time fuel efficiency and fuel loss alert. Also, it is capable of processing large amounts of data from the Telematics Control Unit (TCU).

“Digital technology and connectivity solutions are rapidly transforming both passenger and goods transportation. The rich data that vehicles can now send through the telematics unit is opening up several new possibilities for the entire logistics chain.”

~ Mr Girish Wagh, President, Commercial Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors

Further, he adds, “With Fleet Edge, we have set a new benchmark by providing customers more information and greater control over their fleet and their operations, remotely. We’re taking data from the vehicles and using it to help our customers improve their operations.”

These real-time insights can be accessed via a Fleet Edge portal or on a smartphone app. And, this new feature is available with the entire Medium (M) and heavy commercial vehicles (HCV), BSVI range of Tata Motors trucks and buses and on certain models in the intermediate and light commercial vehicles (LCV) and small commercial vehicle (SCV) segments.

The BSVI range of the brand comes with a connectivity technology and an embedded SIM, this controls the TCU that interacts with the Fleet Edge application. This unit meets all government regulations and can connect to Government-authorised backend servers for vehicle tracking and emergency response functions.

The system also monitors unauthorised vehicle movements and determines the exact location of the vehicle with a user-friendly graphical map.

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