Tamil Nadu Emerges as India’s Premier Electronic Goods Exporter

In the dynamic landscape of India’s export economy, Tamil Nadu has solidified its status as the nation’s foremost exporter of electronic goods, boasting a remarkable export value of $7.37 billion for the period spanning April 2023 to January 2024. This impressive figure accounts for a substantial 32.5% of India’s total export of Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) goods, valued at $22.65 billion during the same duration.

Comparing this achievement to the preceding fiscal year (2022-2023), where the export of electronic goods from Tamil Nadu stood at $5.37 billion, the state has witnessed a remarkable surge of 37% in the first 10 months of the current fiscal period. This surge underscores Tamil Nadu’s robust industrial ecosystem and its capacity for consistent growth and innovation.

With a buoyant outlook, Tamil Nadu’s export of electronic goods is anticipated to ascend to an impressive $9 billion by the conclusion of the ongoing financial year. T R B Rajaa, the State Minister for Industries, Investment Promotion, and Commerce, expressed his elation over this remarkable feat, affirming that it signifies Tamil Nadu’s pivotal role in the national economy. He emphasized the state’s position as a premier manufacturing destination, offering substantial employment opportunities for the burgeoning youth population.

To harness the immense potential of the electronic goods sector and propel Tamil Nadu further up the value chain, the Tamil Nadu Semiconductor and Advanced Electronics Policy 2024 was unveiled at the Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet in January. This strategic policy initiative aims to catalyze growth within the sector while concurrently fostering the development of a highly skilled talent pool comprising 200,000 individuals by the year 2030.

Tamil Nadu’s ascendancy as India’s premier exporter of electronic goods underscores the state’s robust industrial infrastructure, proactive policy measures, and unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and economic growth. With continued governmental support and industry collaboration, Tamil Nadu is poised to further consolidate its position as a global hub for electronic manufacturing and innovation, offering boundless opportunities for economic advancement and prosperity.

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