Taking Freight Loading to a new level, Railway Board announces new streams of traffic

Railway Board

In a bid to take freight loading to newer heights, Vinod Kumar Yadav, Chairman, Railway Board has announced new streams of traffic that the Indian Railways has attracted in the past few months.

Mr Yadav announced the details of the new streams of traffic and also the areas associated with it.

The loading of Iron Ore has started from new locations viz. from Bacheli to Chhattisgarh area via East Coast Railways(ECoR), from Jabalpur division/Nagpur to Vizag Port and also from Chakradharpur Division to Salem/Tornagalu.

Loading of Steel pipes has started from Gandhidham area via Western Railways (WR); Industrial salts from Gujarat to UP, Sugar traffic from North Eastern Railway(NER).

Chillies from South Central Railways(SCR) is also on the move to Bangladesh in parcel vans, as mentioned by the Chairman.

Fly ash from various power plants to cement plants, Slag, cement, fly ash, dolomite, metal scrap is being loaded to/from various zones. In addition to that, Agro products through Kisan Rail and also exports to Bangladesh are some of the latest developments.

Mr Yadav also mentioned new automobile loading streams- with respect to KIA motors cars from Walajabad,Tamil Nadu and also loading of Rice bran from Bihar to Kerala.

“These new streams of traffic has started coming to the Indian Railways, and as I mentioned earlier, this is only the beginning. We are going to focus on more streams of traffic and we will see that we are able to increase our freight loading to a new level.”

~Vinod Kumar Yadav, Chairman, Railway Board

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