Surat civic authority considers setting up freight corridor in the city


With the Indian Railways working on building freight networks at small railway stations around the Diamond City of Surat, the civic authority of the city- Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) is now contemplating developing a unique dedicated freight corridor within the city limits.

A city logistics co-ordination committee (CLCC) was formed recently, in this regard, to boost freight movement in the city and improve the logistics network. The CLCC will probably be the first in state to work in this area.

The nationwide project aimed at improving ease of freight traffic movement is being executed as an economy booster.

Banchhanidhi Pani, city municipal commissioner said that efforts are on to explore possibilities that can enable Surat to emerge as a freight friendly city.

“The first meeting of CLCC was held and we are working on various possibilities to become a freight friendly city with better infrastructure for freight management”, he said.

He also shared that they are exploring possibilities of developing a dedicated freight corridor as well.

Freight management forms a critical part for any business-friendly city. For a city like Surat, which has been predicted to be the world’s fastest growing city from 2019 to 2035 by a study, freight management will prove to be a major boost for the Silk city.

“A freight corridor will utilise the BRTS tracks to its full capacity and reduce traffic congestion on roads. It will also reduce accidents,” said a Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) official.

“Improving freight traffic movement will help local businesses grow further,” said Narendra Saboo, president, Surat Mercantile Association.

“We have been demanding infrastructure to support the transport business for a long time. We have requested to develop a logistic park and hope the local authorities do  something for it,” said Yuvraj Desle, president, Surat Textile Goods Transport Association.

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