Supply chain leaders discuss impact of Coronavirus on Indian Logistics Sector via e-conference

Amid the nationwide lockdown caused due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, Logistics Insider on 1st April 2020 organised India’s first e-conference on the “Impact of Coronavirus on Indian Logistics Sector.”

The conference which was moderated by Mr Satish Lakkaraju, CCO, Agility touched upon points such as the challenges and the impact the industry is facing as well as the steps taken by the government to cushion the impact. The conference also saw some meaningful conversations pertaining to Supply Chain Planning amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Mr Tushar Jani, Chairman, Cargo Service Centre, who was a speaker in the conference, while addressing the attendees of the virtual meet raised his concern on freighters importing non-essential goods and risking lives of people.

He said, “I am bringing 400 people into my terminal every day even in times of such pandemic and risking their lives.”

While talking about the issues faced by the pharma industry, Mr BVR Vijaya Bhaskar, Associate Vice President SCM, Pfizer Healthcare, informed the attendees about the delays and backlogs faced by the company and thanked the service providers.

He said, “We have seen delays and backlogs but we have to thank our colleagues in the service provider industry and my industry. Planning in advance is not an easy thing but teams are trying to do so. Advance planning and visibility can be provided to the service providers to reduce the challenges.”

Speaking on the Same grounds Mr Sunil Arora, President, ACCAI said, “Freight forwarding industry is going through a tough time. Huge losses are being accumulated. But at the same time, I would like to compliment the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Commerce and Affairs who have been working day and night even in these times.”

He adds, to all the facilitations factor the issue is that the notifications are coming in parts. There should be one notification addressing all the issues of the logistics sector and guidelines for operations.

The e-conference which witnessed a participation of 150+ delegates from around the nation gave the delegates an opportunity to network and address their issues in times of such a pandemic.

To view the highlights of the e-conference click on the link below:

To watch the full video of the e-conference on Youtube, click here.

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