Suez Canal: Another blockage reported, trade traffic delays seeable

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MV Glory-a bulk cargo vessel carrying grain from Ukraine ran aground in the Suez Canal on Monday before being refloated, officials informed adding that the incident can result in some delays to trade traffic in the Egyptian waterway.

The vessel ran aground near the city of Qantara, the shipping firm Leth Agencies said.

While the cause of this grinding halt is still unknown, it is to be noted that parts of Egypt — especially the northern provinces — were reeling under a wave of bad weather on Sunday.

MV Glory, 225 meters (738 feet) long vessel was carrying over 65,000 metric tonnes of corn from Ukraine bound for China.

The vessel which got stuck in the narrow canal while transiting through the waters to join the southbound convoy was refloated by three tug boats, said Osama Rabie, chair of the Suez Canal Authority.

MV Gory was parked in a single-lane stretch of the canal just south of Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea, showing the tracking websites and satellite images.

Earlier, in March 2021 Ever Given cargo vessel met with a similar incident, blocking the Suez Canal for six days, its longest-ever outage, holding up an estimated $60bn of trade.

After the Ever-Given incident, the Egyptian authorities widen and deepen the southern neck of the canal where vessels face a restricted gateway.

Last year in September, an oil tanker also ran aground in the canal. The Singaporean vessel Affinity V became stuck in a single-lane stretch of the canal in almost the same spot as the Ever Given had been. It was refloated after several hours.