Strengthening Ties: US-India Partnership to Bolster Critical Mineral Supply Chains

A senior US official emphasized India’s potential as a key partner in diversifying global critical mineral supply chains during a recent conference. This unique roundtable, organized by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) in collaboration with Silverado Policy Accelerator and Principal to Principal Strategies (P2P), explored opportunities to advance clean energy agendas in both countries.

The statement highlighted that the increasing demand for critical minerals like graphite, manganese, and lithium is crucial for the electric vehicle (EV) sector and India’s goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070.

Geoffrey Pyatt, US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, stated that the US-India energy relationship is among the most significant globally. The roundtable focused on creating a strategic roadmap for enhancing collaboration in the critical minerals sector. The goal is to stimulate investments and establish strong bilateral linkages within critical mineral supply chains and downstream industries, according to USISPF.

Mukesh Aghi, president and CEO of USISPF, noted that the Quad partnership, with a combined GDP of nearly USD 35 trillion, is pivotal in reshoring and friend-shoring supply chains. A critical mineral partnership will bolster India’s manufacturing capabilities in areas such as smartphones and electric vehicles.

Verinda Fike, Regional Director for the Indo-Pacific at the US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), reiterated USTDA’s commitment to strengthening critical mineral supply chains through partnerships across governments and the private sector. These collaborations are vital for achieving shared clean energy and digital infrastructure goals between India and the United States.

The roundtable featured a diverse group of stakeholders, including USISPF members, representatives from the US government and the Embassy of India, think tanks, and international partners interested in the US and India’s critical minerals markets. Mahnaz Khan, vice president (Policy) at Silverado Policy Accelerator, emphasized the importance of formulating a policy roadmap grounded in business input and data-driven approaches to benefit the critical mineral sectors of both nations.

Despite the significant opportunities in India’s mining sector, stakeholders acknowledged existing challenges regarding its global resource contributions. Kristi Rogers, managing partner and co-founder of P2P and the Global Supply Chain Task Force, highlighted that securing critical mineral supply chains requires unprecedented coordination and cooperation. Through collaboration, the US and India can spur economic growth by building new processing and refining industries, supporting infrastructure, creating jobs, and enhancing collective economic security.

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